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About Vanitysocks

Vanitysocks was created by Mark and Lisa, just normal people like you.

Our love for socks is nothing extreme. We want good quality, reliable, everyday socks, with a few funky pairs in our drawers.

We were looking for a place with all the different socks from around the world. Wouldn’t it be nice to see everything on one site and browse through all the brands, styles and stories?

Such website was nowhere to be found.

I was on the hunt for some robust knee-high dress socks for work, when I saw that my favorite store closed down where I usually bought my business socks.

So I thought to myself, why not look around a bit and check out more brands with finer materials, more lively colors or subtle patterns.

I was looking for some substantial reading about the world of men's socks. Even though men's socks is a multi-billion dollar business worldwide, I could not find a page that's dedicated to the topic.

I saw a few optimistic articles about the booming market, new designers and how cool sockscriptions were.

But who will tell me all I need to know about Pantherella, Marcoliani, Falke or Gammarelli? Who'll show me all these socks right next to the story? And how can I find out where to buy them?

I've been working in the high-tech industry for long years. I could build a website. I could also find a way to present thousands of socks from around the web. I could create a place that's something like the Google of socks.

A website that people could use to learn about socks, see all the different designs and reach the store where those socks are sold.

This was the basic idea of Vanitysocks in November 2013. Today is September 26, 2016.

We have come a long way. Me and my wife created a website and started blogging about men's socks. We moved from simple solutions to more complex websites.

We are releasing our version 2.0 today. We have robots that visit our affiliated merchants' sites and automatically present socks to you on Vanitysocks. The site is much, much faster than the old one. And we never had so many socks on the site before.

This is a hobby project, but we take it seriously. We are continuously working to re-write our articles to give you more accurate and relevant information.


Even though this is a hobby project, please note that we are commercially affiliated with the most merchants whose products are present on the site. We may receive commissions after the sales we drive on their websites.

This is part of the fun, though. We are not only having fun working with socks, talking to cool socks manufacturers or working on web development. We are testing a unique business model, too.

We don't keep it all to ourselves though. I regularly publish programming tutorials on my personal blog for free, to teach others what I have learnt building this site.

I hope you are having a good time browsing through the socks.

Feel free to leave us a comment or suggestion.


Budapest, September 26, 2016.


What is this site?

Vanitysocks is a site where you can read about men's socks brands and socks trends. You can immediately check out the various models in our shop view. The products in the shop will take you to merchants where you can buy your socks.

Where do I buy socks?

You don't buy socks on this site. We link to merchants who sell socks. You can buy your socks on their websites.

Why can't I buy socks here?

Our goal is to give you a good overview of different socks of the world and present thousands of socks in one place. This way you can search a lot of socks on one site. Our passion is to show as many socks as possible.

How do you earn money?

We earn commissions from merchants if you buy products on their websites and you're coming through a link on Vanitysocks.

I'm a socks manufacturer will you sell my socks?

We can list your socks if you already have a website, where you sell your socks yourself. We only list quality socks made of fine materials, we don't list mass produced plastic socks.

I'm not part of an affiliate network, will you list my socks?

Of course. We are part of the Skimlinks network, but we join other networks, too, to have access to special socks. Small manufacturers, typically startups, may not be part of any affiliate program. This is not an issue, we love socks, you are welcome, just drop us a mail. We already list cool startups merely for the love of socks.

I'm a merchant and I see a good amount of sales generated from Vanitysocks. Are you my partner?

For the reason that we manage our partnerships through the Skimlinks network we do not have direct contact with most merchants. We are also part of Minga Berlin's affiliate program. We only showcase products from these affiliate networks or from manufacturers we contacted personally. If you see visitors coming from Vanitysocks, we are most probably affiliated. In any case, please feel free to drop us a mail and get in touch.