Burlington socks – the classic fantastic

What if I told you, that everybody knows Burlington socks? Would you agree or think it’s an overstatement? Burlington socks have been around for a very long time and they were one of the first companies to build a portfolio around patterns, namely argyle. When no fancy patterned socks could be found, there was Burlington. Nowadays you’d find patterns tricky as hell, so why would anyone be interested in plain argyle, you ask? At least not under 40… Burlington socks men and women

Get the benefit of classic…

Look at these socks and see the way I see them. They are elegant, a little even too aristocratic to my taste.Yet, argyles are simple and you have my guarantee that your boss will be super happy with Burlington patterns. There is a general corporate dress code approval that comes with Burlington socks.

… and see the modern in the old

See how colors make these socks look alive? It is not such a big surprise if you learn the background behind. Burlington has been acquired by Falke in 2008, so we find a lot of new highlights injected into the original Scottish potion. You may argue that Falke’s main advantage stems from German quality and precision. While this is true, Falke lives in my mind as one of the most colorful business socks brands. Their socks are not especially patterned or absolutely not crazy, but the variety of shades and hues is extraordinary. Colors are the great benefit of the Burlington – Falke marriage.Unique and modern hues and shades make Burlington socks the lifestyle brand that you want it to be. Colors is the modern factor why we can’t let Burlington socks slip away from our 21st century focus.  

Want proof?

Ok, look to the right. Still not happy? It’s time we realize that all seasonal fashion colors are in here. See the sandstone, dusk blue and classic blue? Or just have a look at the Mercerised-cotton knee-high socks.
Burlington cyan socks

… One more thing…

You can find the best selection of Burlington socks at KJBeckett and Selfridges. While the latter is a bit more expensive I like the selection and way the photos are laid out. Photo credit: www.falke.com/de_de/burlington/   Enjoy!