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The character of Swedish socks

Swedish socks brand, HappySocks means a lot tome. It is the single closest alternative to the funky patterned socks I used to love so much when I was a kid. HappySocks make me feel the same way.

Thank God, HappySocks uses the best materials and Swedish designers made a big step forward from the smiling reindeer to sophisticated abstract patterns painted in the colors of the current season.

HappySocks has been around for a couple of years now. You can find them in retail stores around the world, while numerous online stores also keep stock of their funky goods.

Ad a kid, I had no idea of brands or quality back in those days, I was just browsing the shelves of the few underwear shops that sold the socks that only a few wanted.

Those socks had no prestige at all, they were usually thick, nylon monsters that made my feet hot and gave in after a few cleaning attempts.

My philosophy was awkwardly straightforward: colorful is king. Bright reds and greens were my favorite with stupid patterns like hamburgers, reindeer or smiling boxes. You may wonder why I was wearing such horrid socks? They entertained me, I had some fun every morning picking my pair of socks for the day.

Happy Socks Black and White

HappySocks, have some flashy classic pieces that made them famous and loved by so many customers. They usually release new collections twice every year, plus a limited edition every now and then.

GOOD news: they run an online outlet on their website HERE.

HappySocks is in constant evolution, they always try to win our hearts with new products. They have some small accessories, like pocket squares, iPone cases, mugs and such, but these attempts did not look very serious to me.

Late 2014 things have changed finally with the introduction of men’s and women’s shorts and briefs. The happy socks offering contains the following as of September 2014: men’s socks and underwear, women’s socks and underwear, kids’ socks and tights. Happy Socks offers great discount, gift boxes and gift cards throughout the year.

The Swedish socks manufacturer gives joyful tones and patterns to our socks.

  • their strength lies in design – great color combinations, lots of different patterns like dots, stripes, zig-zag, Paisley, argyle, camouflage and many more
  • material – their socks usually have over 55-80% cotton.
  • great price – socks usually cost between $12 and $18
  • gift boxes and gift cards are available

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