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Why amazing socks?

As you read Bugatchi’s own introduction below you will immediately understand that this is really good stuff. Stylish premium clothing including amazing socks from Italy.

Modern yet traditional.



Bugatchi is designed for you if you like to operate with delicate details in your outfit. Take some time and pick a some fantastic pieces for your wardrobe.

Bugatchi manufactures clothing, including amazing socks, shirts, shoes and super fabulous swim trunks.

About Bugatchi

Bugatchi Socks

BUGATCHI, established in 1981, exists at the intersection of class and modernity. The brand has evolved to exemplify a contemporary designer lifestyle with a complete look for men. Synonymous with the luxury of Italian fabrics and design aesthetic, BUGATCHI redefines discernment in menswear with its expansive collection of sportswear, furnishings, outerwear, and accessories. With materials hand-selected from the finest European mills, each piece is constructed using unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail culminating in iconic, bold, and empowering pieces for a man’s day-to-day wardrobe. BUGATCHI caters to the man who seeks quality and comfort while striving to retain and demonstrate his individuality. The collections pioneer the use of exclusive fabrics and premium quality finishes, executed in bold colorations while also featuring classic designs, yarn-dyes, and prints. The entire company’s devotion to perfection has caught the attention of leading retailers across the globe. During its growth and evolution, BUGATCHI has been confirmed as an icon of luxury and a brand where the eccentricity of passing fashion does not have the upper hand.”

Photo credit and further reading on http://www.bugatchiuomo.com/info/about)


Enjoy amazing socks!