Hip sock patterns – Ted Baker socks

Ted Baker’s hip sock patterns

We made several collections about dress socks and serious socks recently. Today, it’s time to have some fun with hip sock patterns by Ted Baker. Ted Baker socks   Let’s come to sock patterns for a minute. There are usually two key attributes that make a sock pattern stand out. These are shape and color. The two factors will determine our first impression when we look at a pair of socks. First we see the whole pattern as one massive body. This is the moment of truth, the birth of sock patterns. First, there were classic sock patterns like stripes, diamonds, polka dots, Paisley, birdseye and houndstooth. Most patterns today are still built on these base shapes with alterations and color experiment. The results are often unusual and flashy. I believe that Ted Baker patterns belong to, what I call the intermediate level of patterned socks. Ted_Baker_Socks   There is one higher level, that is made up of those socks that are inspired by true artistic movements and socks that are designed by artists. You can find these socks in our artists socks design collection. Ted Baker socks feature unusual color and shape combinations and a pretty good cotton blend ratio, too.

Other hip socks

Every week I am trying hard to bring some clarity into the ever expanding world of men’s socks. I realized that there is something remarkably special about every brand that we present on vanitysocks.com. This is in principle good news, however I think it is not helpful to describe every brand as unique, must have or superior. Therefore I will give you a list of similar brands right here:

Style tips

  • I found that Ted Baker’s hip sock patterns best suited for casual use.
  • The geo pattern and triangle socks are somewhat loud, ideal for your street style wardrobe
  • While other models, like Paisley or diamonds will give you a cool standout look with jeans.
Photo credit: Ted Baker Enjoy!