Hugo Boss Socks – the designer workhorse


Why Hugo Boss socks are just in between?

You may think this is going to be an easy call. Let me tell you, Hugo Boss socks are a strange kind of animal and we really need to have a few wise words about them.

Firstly you should know that I used Hugo Boss socks for several years during my consulting career. They are professional, look good and feel OK. So why is this not an easy case?

I had a lot of best in class stuff from Hugo Boss, however, I believe their socks are not the best of the market.

There are way better business and dress socks out there. (see our best dress socks guide).

I think the main reason behind this is, that the best manufacturers focus solely on the production of socks, this being their core business. Socks to Hugo Boss are just another accessory in the portfolio.

Boss garments, however are not in the affordable or cheap segment either. If you are looking for a good deal and can live with average quality, you will look into packs like the ones in our packs collection.

I know very well, that I bought Boss back then, because I wanted to improve the quality of my wardrobe and the comfort of my feet, and these socks were immediately available.

Then I looked into the world of socks in more detail and started this site to share my knowledge and guide you.



Check the details

When you shop for Hugo Boss socks there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Some items feature too much nylon/spandex. Always check blend data and do not go below 70-75% of cotton.
  • Mercerized cotton is superior, get those pairs
  • Over the calf models will stay on, feel free to get them.
  • These products will last for long years, if you find a good deal on a pack, go for it!

If you are looking for serious casual socks, you’d better check out brands that offer pure cotton in our smart casual and casual categories. I am sure most of us would be pleased with a pair of 100% cotton Hilfiger socks.

If you are looking for reasonably priced business items look at Dapper Classics, Bugatchi or Falke.

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