London Style – Thomas Pink Socks


Why London style?

What are unique qualities of Thomas Pink socks? We found two:
  1. Quality: best in class 80-100% cotton fabrics and British manufacturing traditions.
  2. London style: get these socks if you are looking for extra bright colours, a unique and modern standout look combined with classic elegance.
Thomas Pink socks are well suited for business or casual attire.

Get more of London style!

Thomas Pink is a leader in shirt design with a wide range of models for classic, slim, super slim or athletic fit. If you are shopping for white shirts you’ll find over 30 models to choose from. Do you like the socks? Wait until you see the knitted ties! They use similarly eye catching colors and fantastic patterns. Thomas Pink Socks  

About Thomas Pink

Thomas Pink is an established heritage brand with more than 100 stores across the globe. Famed for being THE authority on shirting, the offer today spreads much wider with a growing and respected womenswear range as well as fine tailoring and accessories for men to add to the list.

Our expertise and experience is second to none, and includes the very best in customer service as well as our world-renowned White Shirt Bar and Personally Pink Made To Order service.

Enjoy Thomas Pink socks and London style!