Lorenzo Uomo Socks – Add style without breaking the bank


Lorenzo Uomo – the all-rounder

I can give you only a few really good examples of fashion socks that are versatile enough to be used in various situations. We added Lorenzo Uomo socks to our sets to grow the number of such collections.

Versatility is valuable if you prefer not to spend much time and money working out nitty-gritty details of your socks wardrobe, but you’d just add a few cool all-rounder pieces to the bunch. You know, the ones you can wear to office, to weekend outings or with sneakers and Bermudas the same way.

If you think that only gray or beige packs serve the purpose, it’s time I show you Lorenzo Uomo.



Style your wardrobe with Lorenzo Uomo socks

If you wanna get the essence of stylishly wearing all purpose socks, let me tell you how you can find these socks easily.

  • Start with a neutral color base, colors that are less vivid. These include Earth colors, beige, gray, black and shades of blue.
  • A blue base is usually a safe bet for men, because it goes well with denim. In the SS15 season ‘classic blue’ and ‘dusk blue’ are anyway in, and they’ll make a strong foundation.
  • The SS15 season brought great neutrals beyond the blue shades I mentioned before. We have sandstone, marsala or lavender herb. We can find these colors in Lorenzo Uomo socks, too.
  • A good base features some combination or patterns of neutral colors. Like the Chevron Socks.
  • You can add the highlights you like, a little brighter spot in your socks pattern. Like a reflection of glass in the desert. This will make you stand out.

This year’s fashion shows brought back the leather shoes + Bermudas + calf socks look for men. You know, like Tommy Lee Jones post officer character in MIB II. But that one goes with solid socks.


Lorenzo Uomo socks are usually patterned, you can wear them with sneakers, office shoes or even boots.

Photo credit and further reading: http://lorenzouomo.com