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London_socks_companyLondon’s socks style traditions

London’s socks style… Best socks come from the UK or Italy. There are of course other serious players out there, but this statement is generally true. What is so special about the socks style of different nations? Fashion is greatly influenced by the habits and national attitude. Italian fashion carries a mostly sophisticated fineness, British fashion originates from the traditions of great British country pastimes like hunting and polo. Scandinavian fashion is best defined by its simplistic practicality, while American fashion is centered around industrial innovation and nowadays American authenticity. London_socks_company_1

London socks company

UK based London socks company set out the goal to create the ultimate comfort, fit and durability. The socks are designed in London by independent designers and manufactured in the UK or Portugal. London socks company uses genuine fabrics like Scottish Lisle Cotton blend. The socks style resembles British modern life, with colors and patterns that complement the modern gentlemen’s base wardrobe. Some models listed here reach over calf, and therefore are also recommended for business purposes. As of today most models are still meant for casual or business casual use, anyway the availability of pure, clean-cut colors makes these socks a companion for spotless look.

Style tips

  • Wear the red or purple rib socks with jeans and a navy shirt.
  • Get a bunch of dark gray, light gray and navy socks to give your wardrobe a strong foundation.
  • Add the houndstooth over the calf socks to your business look.
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